W e l c o m e   t o   B e r g e r s o n   W i n d o w s

The industry’s finest custom solid wood windows and doors.

“If I would have known the windows would bring out the character of the house, I would have purchased cheaper brick”

- Recent Customer, Brooklyn, NY

Bergerson Windows has been building custom made solid wood windows and doors since 1977.  Specializing in fine-grain Western Red Cedar and Douglas Fir, our windows and doors have beauty that lasts.  The proven sustainability of a fine grain product of these species has been found even in hundred year old architecture to be solid and intact.


At Bergersons we have strict standards for quality.  Everything passes through several hands and is seen by many eyes to assure that you get only the highest caliber product, with a handcrafted appearance and function-ability.

We are located on the North Oregon Coast, where the Columbia River and Pacific Ocean meet.  This area is known as the Graveyard of the Pacific.  We receive frequent winter storms, some with winds exceeding 100 miles an hour.  With that being said weatherization is at the top of our priority list.  At Bergersons we are constantly trying to improve our product’s resistance to the elements without compromising the allure of the solid wood construction.  With the century old window as our template, we feel that we have put together the perfect blend of old-world composition with newer technologies.

At Bergerson Windows we know that the windows and doors are only a part of your entire project.  These fenestrations are really the only operating part of the exterior of the building, separating the outside world from the interior. The right windows and doors can really set a project apart from all others.  Understanding this we would love to help you achieve this goal.

Please view our products and projects pages to get an idea of the full range of windows and doors that we offer. Our products fit well in all sorts of applications whether new construction, remodeling, historical restoration, or simple sash replacement. Remember custom means they’ll be made with your project in mind.

Take a look around our site and tell us what you think.  We would love for your project to be our next.


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